Happy Ending, Together

author :

Chito Hanakawa


Company-man Sakuraba makes himself cute lunches every day, reads girls' comics, and generally loves all things feminine. Sakuraba is speechless when he meets his favorite manga artist, Megumi Nono, at a book signing... because it turns out that his idol is actually his neighbor! He goes to visit him a few days later, only to have Megumi collapse, leaving Sakuraba to care for him. And that's how he becomes friends with his neighbor and idol.....! Feminine top Sakuraba sometimes shows remarkable tolerance towards his tough bottom, who suddenly comes over adorably shy. This heartwarming yaoi manga from noted new star Chito Hanakawa will ruffle your feathers with cuteness!!


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author :

Chito Hanakawa

publisher :

ShuCream POP

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Japanese :

Happy End wa Goissho ni

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Happy Ending, Together (1)

Pages: 34

Happy Ending, Together (2)

Pages: 26

Happy Ending, Together (3)

Pages: 30

Happy Ending, Together (4)

Pages: 34

Happy Ending, Together (5)

Pages: 37

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May 21, 2017 (JST)
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