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Mopops Rating
If you're in need for a cute and simple story to read, search no more! The art is pretty, the characters are nicely designed and the story is well paced. It is so sweet and adorable! Definitely worth it.
SomaAne Rating
Really cute, lovely artwork. Felt super rushed. If you are looking for sexy times, they are brief and confusing. Sort of like real life, actually LOL
baristachan Rating
I really feel rather indifferent to this one overall. The art is nice and the story is cute, however there's really only one steamy scene in the entire series and it ends rather abruptly in my opinion. If you like your cute stuff without too much hot and heavy then you'll probably really enjoy this, but it just didn't click with me personally through no fault of its own.
fluffyunicorn89 Rating
This story could easily have been longer, the last chapter in particular felt a bit rushed, but overall great story that focused on two characters getting to know each other. Loved both the characters but especially Sakuraba. Nice to see a feminine seme for a change.
jejenovahahury Rating
That was really cutee ???
Jelibelli Rating
This was cute. I do wish it was cheaper, only because the chapters are short. Or even bundled, but the story is fluffy and sweet.
Monmonmon Rating
This is pure romance! The development is steady (and sweet) and very minimal smut. Overall it's a good read and i didn't regret buying this series.
zhein Rating
super cute! love it!
yaoipeepee6969 Rating
They're both so cute and the story is so fluffy!
babylon45 Rating
A salaryman who loves cute things, cooking and housework learns his neighbor is actually his favorite shoujo manga artist. The story and romance progression is nicely paced for 5 chapters. The climax is heart-dropping and the emotional payoff is very satisfying. I would say this is a likable and heartwarming romance that uses the idea of a
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