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Mopops Rating
If you're in need for a cute and simple story to read, search no more! The art is pretty, the characters are nicely designed and the story is well paced. It is so sweet and adorable! Definitely worth it.
SomaAne Rating
Really cute, lovely artwork. Felt super rushed. If you are looking for sexy times, they are brief and confusing. Sort of like real life, actually LOL
Lalalalako Rating
Super cute. Just something light to read.
fionav3 Rating
This is bee-yooooou-ti-ful! :D I gave this manga one of my rare 5-star ratings because it is so beautifully done. The story progressed at a nice pace, both characters were so endearing and quirky, the romance felt believable not forced, and the art was GORGEOUS. Loved it.
Elle Rating
I don't know what to expect from this but, I am very happy I read it. It's even become one of my favourites. If you like something simple and stupidly cute, read this.
Ninoshkalys Rating
This was so cute! xD
franna Rating
I loved the story, and the characters were adorable. I wish it was a little longer, especially the last volume. It felt a bit rushed in the end. Other than that I loved it.
funbrillo Rating
As other reviewers have stated, it is a sweet and simple love story. There is little in the way of sex scenes but I am fine with that because the slow and sweet progression of their love story took center stage. They didn't fall into the usual pattern of having sex within the first chapter and then falling in love. And they didn't have any traumatic back stories. I love that kind of thing too but this was refreshing. If you just want a sweet love story with no drama then this is it.
FxxkIt Rating
So cute and fluffy
AinoKusabi Rating
OMG it's sugary sweet. LOL Love it--a feel-good read.
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