From Friends to Boyfriends

author :

Asami Takahashi


Yuta owns an antique bookshop and Chihiro is a monk. They're childhood friends-turned-boyfriends. Chihiro's beauty is uncommon for a monk, and he's often sexually harassed! Whenever this happens, he comes running to Yuta for some "purification." This is their daily life! One day, they are sent on a mission to check out a local haunted house...... This is Asami Takahashi's first comic, chock-full of fun and love!


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author :

Asami Takahashi

publisher :

Takeshobo co.,ltd.

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Japanese :

Osananajimi wa Kawaii Koibito

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Item List Current ch. 1 completed

From Friends to Boyfriends

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Pages: 180

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July 20, 2017 (JST)
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