The Billionaire Borrows a Bride

The son of a wealthy family, Spencer, bids on Kate, a nurse who is taking part in a charity auction. He requests her to pretend to be his bride-to-be for a week. But she has no interest in participating in some rich man's game! However, when she learns that he's doing it to try and put his grandmother at ease, she agrees. But when Kate discovers who Spencer really is, she regrets accepting the job. The two of them once spent a summer playing together as kids, and he was the boy of Kate's dreams. How can she play the part of his fake fiancee now?


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The Billionaire Borrows a Bride

Pages: 128

Rent (48hrs) : $4.99

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artist : Esu Chihara original novel : Myrna Mackenzie Publisher : Harlequin

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