The time is the Edo Period. Amid the financial disarray of the Shogunate government, the money-eating male harem has been exasperating the situation and causing a dilemma for one particular Shogun... Yaichi is a guard of the interior gardens who is always nearby, watching over that Shogun. Yaichi has been harboring secret affections for his Shogun, but their difference in social standing is palpable! He has been unable to express his feelings... One day, on a typical trip to stand guard throughout the night over the Shogun and his harem gentleman, where all he can do is watch their actions like a hawk from behind a cut-out hole in the sliding door, Yaichi suddenly finds himself unable to curb his enthusiasm and ends up pleasuring himself while on guard duty...!! This is a heartrending and grand tale of their love across social borders!


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Chiharu Sakado

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Japanese :

Magemen Ura Oooku no Nozoki Ana

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Item List Current ch. 1 completed

Feudal Hunks -Peephole to the Forbidden Harem-

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Pages: 33

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