[Bundle] Love, and Revenge Selection Vol.5

This bundle contains : A SPANISH REVENGE, Proud Greek, Ruthless Revenge, and WEDDING VOW OF REVENGE.
"You con artist. Someday I'll have my revenge!" Taz is dumped without explanation by her lover, Judeo, who suddenly turns on her. He believes that she and her father schemed to trick his family out of a fortune, and continues to despise her until they meet again, six years later and Judeo is now Taz's stepmother's fiance. Is he using her to seek revenge? Taz tries to stand up to him to protect her stepmother and her late father, but finds that his appeal has only increased in the passing years, and that she is unable to resist his cruel but beautiful eyes...


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[Bundle] Love, and Revenge Selection Vol.5

Pages: 386

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artist : Toi HasumiRina YokoiKeiko Okamoto original novel : Sara WoodChantelle ShawLucy Monroe Publisher : Harlequin

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