Captive in His Castle

Jess, who runs a small interior remodeling company in London, is concerned about Angelo, one of her employees, since he hasn't shown up at work in a few days. When the doorbell rings, she opens the door thinking it could be him, but the handsome man standing there is someone she's never met before. His name is Drago, and he's a wealthy Italian who is also Angelo's cousin. He's there to tell Jess that Angelo has been in a coma since a car accident. Jess agrees to visit Angelo at the hospital in Venice, but as soon as she gets there with Drago, he changes his attitude. He now accuses her of being a con artist and confines her in his family palace!


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Captive in His Castle

Pages: 128
Rent (48hrs) : $4.99

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artist : Mio Natsuki original novel : Chantelle Shaw Publisher : Harlequin

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