For one short year, haplessly awkward, cockatiel-toting Nino has to keep watch over class joker and nextdoor neighbor, Kira-kun. Can Kira-kun-who harbors a terrible secret-find it in himself to open up and learn something new from Nino, or will she be consumed by his world? Find out in this touching tale of two fates that intertwine to become the ""closest love to Heaven.""


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author :

Rin Mikimoto

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Japanese :

Kyo No Kira-kun

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Kira-kun Today 1

Pages: 191

Kira-kun Today 2

Pages: 175

Kira-kun Today 3

Pages: 178

Kira-kun Today 4

Pages: 175

Kira-kun Today 5

Pages: 176

Kira-kun Today 6

Pages: 178

Kira-kun Today 7

Pages: 177

Kira-kun Today 8

Pages: 176

Kira-kun Today 9

Pages: 193

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