[Bundle] Fake Lover Vol.1

This bundle contains : "The Sicilian Boss's Mistress", "Possessed by the Sheikh", and "A Royal Bride of Convenience".
Leonora has accomplished something tremendous. Her dream is to become a female pilot for an international airline, but no matter how many times she tries, she is denied entry. She realizes that she's not being hired because she's a woman, so she disguises herself as her younger brother, another pilot, and plans to show off her skills by piloting the airline owner Alessandro Leopardi's private jet. The bumpy flight goes well, but Alessandro finds out the truth and is so infuriated he threatens to fire her brother. To make matters worse, his reply to her apology is just too cruel!


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[Bundle] Fake Lover Vol.1

Pages: 414
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artist : Megumi TodaYoko HanabusaNanao Hidaka original novel : Penny JordanRebecca Winters Publisher : Harlequin

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