The Millionaire's Mistress

Justine is so nervous that all she wants to do is run away. She's never seduced anyone before, but if she doesn't win over the head loan officer sitting in front of her at the bank right now, she and her mother will lose their house. Rumor has it that she can use her feminine wiles to convince this loan officer to approve her loan in no time, but Marcus, sitting on the other side of the desk, isn't the womanizing loan officer-he's the president of the bank! Marcus has no time for Justine's childish games, and yet a little voice in his head keeps whispering that her proposal sounds...interesting.


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The Millionaire's Mistress

Pages: 128

Rent (48hrs) : $4.99

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artist : Misao Hoshiai original novel : Miranda Lee Publisher : Harlequin

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