[Bundle] First Love Vol.4

This bundle contains :"Her Wish-List Bridegroom","14 VALENTINE PLACE",and "The Blackmailed Bridegroom".After losing her career and love life, Juliet is back home living with her mother, as if she was nothing but an empty shell. She feels disappointed in herself?she should have become a more careful, reliable, able woman, considering her mediocre childhood and her history of being bullied. Now, she struggles to get back on her own two feet in a hometown where so many memories haunt her. That's when she unexpectedly runs into Gregor, who, all of a sudden, disappeared from town years ago. Not understanding her bewilderment, he casually calls her "Princess." Her first love doesn't even remember her! Is this reunion meant to be her destiny?

(c)Takako Hashimoto/PAMELA MUELHBAUER

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[Bundle] First Love Vol.4

Pages: 384

Rent (48hrs) : 1000 pts

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artist : Sara NakayamaTakako HashimotoJET original novel : Liz FieldingPamela BauerMiranda Lee Publisher : Harlequin

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