[Bundle] The Tycoon's love story Selection Vol.1

This bundle contains : The Greek Tycoon's Blackmailed Mistress, The Tycoon's Trophy Wife, and THE TYCOON'S INSTANT FAMILY.
As revenge for wounding his pride, he just wants to use me as his plaything... When Ella's sister and her husband die in an accident, Ella is reunited with Greek businessman Aristandros, who is given guardianship of the daughter they left behind. A man who she had once promised to marry. His beautiful black hair and chiseled features are the same, but his cold eyes are more striking than ever. When Ella works up the nerve to ask to have access to her niece, Aristandros presents her with an unbelievable proposal. "If you become my mistress in Greece, we can discuss an arrangement."


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[Bundle] The Tycoon's love story Selection Vol.1

Pages: 402

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artist : Ayumu AsouKyoko SagaraMisuzu Sasaki original novel : Lynne GrahamMiranda LeeCaroline Anderson Publisher : Harlequin

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