[Bundle] Waitress Heroine Vol.1

This bundle contains : BLIND-DATE BRIDE, The Spanish Billionaire's Pregnant Wife, and Tipping the Waitress With Diamonds.
Meteorologist and college professor Jake is far too busy with his research for romance. So his father, worried for Jake's future, decides to play matchmaker for him. Jasper makes a deal with a young waitress named Cheri, promising that if she stays married to Jake for a year while living on a private island with him, he'll give her one million dollars. Dumbfounded as to why his father is so fond of Cheri, Jake resolves to expose her for the wolf in sheep's clothing that she really is!


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[Bundle] Waitress Heroine Vol.1

Pages: 400

Rent (48hrs) : $10.00

Buy : $15.00


artist : Erika KariTomoko TakakuraSara Nakayama original novel : Lori HerterLynne GrahamNina Harrington Publisher : Harlequin

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