[Bundle] Waitress Heroine Vol.3

This bundle contains : Fired Waitress, Hired Mistress, PLAIN JANE'S PRINCE CHARMING, and The Marriage Surrender.
Nina came from wealth, but she's lost her fortune and her job and now she's hit rock bottom. Every day, she's looked down upon by her former peers as she serves them as a waitress at a high-class resort. While taking a walk on the beach during her time off, she trips over some driftwood and faints after smacking her head. An elegant, masculine man comes to her rescue. He clutches the freezing Nina to his warm chest and calms her trembling lips with a passionate kiss. Despite her self-consciousness, Nina returns his advances, and they spend one night drowning in pleasure. But can their fate cross the vast divide that separates the rich from the poor?


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[Bundle] Waitress Heroine Vol.3

Pages: 386
Rent (48hrs) : $10.00

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artist : Erio HoriJunko TamuraKako Ito original novel : Robyn GradyMelissa MccloneMichelle Reid Publisher : Harlequin

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