[Bundle] Housekeeper Heroine Selection vol.2

This bundle contains : THE SPANIARD'S VIRGIN HOUSEKEEPER, BRAZILIAN BOSS, VIRGIN HOUSEKEEPER, and Italian Boss, Housekeeper Bride.
Isabel rescues Miguel, who has collapsed in the street, and ends up becoming the elderly scholar's caregiver and housekeeper. But one day, they're visited by a handsome young man. With scorn-filled eyes he asks Isabel, "How much will it take to get you to leave this house?" The man is none other than Miguel's nephew, Cayo. Isabel wonders why, if he's so well-off, he hasn't saved his uncle from his austere lifestyle. Why is he trying to drive her out?


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[Bundle] Housekeeper Heroine Selection vol.2

Pages: 387

Rent (48hrs) : 1000 pts

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artist : Juri NakaoJinko SomaMiho Tomoi original novel : Diana HamiltonMaggie CoxSharon Kendrick Publisher : Harlequin

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