The CEO's Contract Bride New Zealand Knights II

Declan Knight, a popular socialite, has shown up unexpectedly at Gwen's engagement party. His obsidian eyes burn with intensity, thinking back to when they last held each other eight years ago. Gwen comforted him after his lover's death, but in the afterglow of their passion, he cast Gwen off as if she were nothing. Gwen has no idea why he's suddenly appeared, so she's as surprised as anyone when Declan takes Gwen's hand and declares to the room that he's her groom!


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The Ceo's Contract Bride New Zealand Knights II

Pages: 144
Rent (48hrs) : $4.99

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artist : Kyoko Sagara original novel : Yvonne Lindsay Publisher : Harlequin Series : New Zealand Knights- 2 -

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