I'll Never Moan for You!!

author :

Hyogo Kijima


The popular but arrogant voice actor Renya Okikawa is on top of the world after gaining fame as the best "top" in the yaoi industry. After having his every whim catered to by the recording studios, what this spoiled brat needs is a burst of aggressive instruction from stern-faced industry veteran Shoyu Azuma! Pampered little Renya is scared stiff...! Aside from the main series, this volume also contains three short comics and the complete, legendary twelve-part exposition, "Kijima's Kinky Lectures in Lust." We deliver lust and fetishes that are guaranteed to make you blush no matter where you are!!


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author :

Hyogo Kijima

publisher :

Junet Co.,LTD

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Japanese :

Kono Ore ga Ahe Goe Nante Dasuwake ga Nai

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I'll Never Moan for You!!

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Pages: 210

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February 12, 2019 (JST)
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