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bunnyboy Rating
So much wasted potential. The premise of the main story sounded fun, but this manga quickly starts out with non-con/sex as punishment, and never recovered from there. 50 pages of the manga are devoted to the 12-part "Kijima's Kinky Lectures in Lust." This portion of the manga was uninteresting and came across as indulgent and unnecessary filler (maybe it would've worked in small doses); while the main story, which felt truncated and rushed, desperately needed those pages to flesh out the story and characters. Even on sale, the Unlimited price feels slightly too high given that the main story and one-shots only contribute 160 pages of the 210 page count. Pluses include pretty artwork, seiyuu characters (a personal bias), and the Pure Perverted Uppers one-shot (a cute short, which loses a few points for the coercion/blackmail angle). This title felt like an ikemen with a bad personality - it looked good, but was ultimately disappointing and unsatisfying.
Koukai Rating
I like the premise but I just wish there was more to the main story. Since it only had 3 chapters, the mangaka didn't really get to actually show them forming a romantic relationship and despite what the extra portrays, they really read more like weird sex friends than lovers. The little kinky corner stuff was fun but it gets old fast and I honestly wish it wasn't featured here. There were like 3-4 short one shots featured as well that we're for the most part boring and seemed like they were just tossed in the add more pages. Wish those pages were instead used to actually expand upon the main story. If you REALLY like the idea of the main story then it might be worth purchasing but honestly, I'd just pass this one up.
Enjoyment was definitely not there for me. Uke's character was too haughty. Mangaka tried to balance it out with a strong Seme but ultimately, their relationship just didn't sit well with me. Uke was a ridiculous nonsense and after being forced taking it up his butt once, became addicted to Seme's penis. There was no perspective from Seme at all. How romance came about from that, I don't understand. This was more of a wham-bam-thank-you-sir manga, in my opinion. Total fail, total unsatisfactory, total waste of points.
funbrillo Rating
I love this story between the two voice actors. Most of the rest of the book is one shots and a collection called Kijima's Kinky corner but they were enjoyable. I would not have bought the book for that stuff though. I have gone back to re-read the voice actors story multiple times which consists of 3 chapters and there is even a short extra for them at the end. That is really the reason I bought the book and love it. If there were longer stories for the other things in the book I would buy those as well.
Atikal Rating
I'm a sucker for older men, so of course this has been on my wishlist for a while. It's %100 what I'm looking for. The main couple is the character on the cover and in the preview of the first chapter. I love them so much and wish the entire volume focused on them. We get 3 chapters of them (and a small extra at the end). The other half is a bunch of short, few pages couples that I mostly skipped over. There are 2 other full length one-shorts in there though. The first is a StudentxTeacher couple and the other is 2 men in a BDSM relationship, but nothing too hardcore. Don't be fooled by my 4 star rating, the only reason it's not 5 stars is because the mini one shorts bored me. This is definitely worth purchasing/renting if you read the preview and liked it.
CherryGlitz Rating
I have a thing for older guys in yaoi manga also an age gap between the main characters, so this manga looked like an amazing read! The art is great and there are multiple couples/stories in this book. The main couple is my favorite and was the my main reason for enjoying this manga. I wish there had been more involving those two. Still a very enjoyable manga though ;)
sugarcoatedsin Rating
Definitely not a story for anyone looking for relationship or emotional development from the two main characters. The first sexual “encounter” starts out violent and heavily non consensual with sex being used as a form of punishment for bad behavior. The bottom ends up absolutely obsessed with the top sexually but there's no real romance just a purely physical bond between the two. I didn't mind how raunchy the encounters were since every other trope (minus the non con) tickled my fancy.Don't be fooled by the long page size! The main story is only three chapters long and the rest is sadly all filler.
Dataxia Rating
Mixed feelings... The main story line seemed to have a lot of potential for more drama for a full length story, but it was reduced to PWP. I don't mind PWP but the P was censored and it felt somewhat ridiculous reading through and trying to figure out what body part was on view. Lots of glow sticks, shiny butts, and tongues licking the air.
DebviliciousKinks Rating
Yo! I'll give this a 5 stars! The art is so cool and it gives me the chills when I saw age gap! I'm a sucker for these!
yellowdoors Rating
I really loved they Art. It was hot and steamy! Really wonderful sorry telling as well. However, the second half of the book where short 3\4 pages of sexy scenes which was super hot. But hard to connect to. All in all though I loved it. Would recommend buying it instead of renting!
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