Science Teacher Tactics

author :

Katsura Nanaki


Kai is a high school student that loves causing problems for his science teacher, Mr. Shiba. Mr. Shiba, however, doesn't react much at all. One day, Kai is called to the science prep room to discuss a test score. "Getting held back, are you!?" his friends tease, but Kai isn't worried. As it turns out, Kai is armed with a secret weapon. He happened to witness Mr. Shiba kiss another man in front of his apartment. He also took a picture... Although Kai planned to use it as a shield, rather than back down, Mr. Shiba goes on the offensive. Kai is kissed without warning and a hand is suddenly thrust into his boxers!


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author :

Katsura Nanaki

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Rikei Kyoushi to Sakuryaku

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Science Teacher Tactics

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Pages: 48

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October 11, 2019 (JST)
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