The Husband Contract

Melanie's late uncle disinherited her eight years ago and now his lawyer, Clay, has appeared before Melanie with her uncle's will. The contents of the will state that Melanie must be assessed by the lawyer to determine whether or not she will inherit her uncle's estate. She would have liked to renounce her right to inherit, but for her little brother's sake, she reconsiders. So Melanie returns to her uncle's home, where Clay is also staying. Despite her aversion to the inspection her uncle has arranged, she finds her heart throbbing at Clay's assessing yet warm gaze! Clay, meanwhile, is bewildered. He's quickly becoming aware that somewhere inside this stubborn person is a lonely woman...


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The Husband Contract

Pages: 145
Rent (48hrs) : $4.99

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artist : Saemi Takahashi original novel : Kathleen O'Brien Publisher : Harlequin

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