This Porn Star Just Doesn't Listen

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Mutou wanted to become a famous director but his first directorial debut is as a gay porn director!? Low-energy Mutou gets in a fight with gay pornstar Sakuma and gets propositioned! Mutou learns to become a better gay porn director by using his own body! Via pro pornstar actor Sakuma, Mutou is guided through a host of gay madness and learns what it is like to experience new pleasures. This is the story of how Mutou becomes a great screenwriter/director!



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Mobile Media Research

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Porn Star wa Iukoto wo Kikanai

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Mobile Media Research

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This Porn Star Just Doesn't Listen (1)

Pages: 54

This Porn Star Just Doesn't Listen (2)

Pages: 55

This Porn Star Just Doesn't Listen (3)

Pages: 54

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May 10, 2020 (JST)
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