The Master's Mistress

His father, whom Rogan hasn't seen in more than a decade, has passed away, so he returns to his family home in Cornwall for the first time in a long while. Completely unaware that a beautiful woman would be there when he arrived, Rogan assumes she's his father's lover. But college professor Elizabeth is only there to catalog Rogan's father's library. In fact, she's just begun. Not only has her employer passed away, but now his son has shown up and made outrageous assumptions about her! She'd have liked to continue her work but decides it's best to call it quits. Elizabeth doesn't think for a moment that she could fall for Rogan, no matter how wildly sexy he might be!


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The Master's Mistress

Pages: 129
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artist : Juri Nakao original novel : Carole Mortimer Publisher : Harlequin

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