The Hawk and the Lamb

Elizabeth Lamb is a college researcher who simply loves old books-her love comes from her uncles, who run Lamb's Tales, a bookstore. In a recent acquisition, they stumbled upon the La Fleche de St. Clair, a glorious golden necklace with a crimson heart in the center. Elizabeth is tasked with returning this very important family heirloom from the Hawk Hotels estate to the family. Her personal fears of losing the necklace on her trip give way once she meets the dashingly damaged Jean-Jacques Hawkwood, the youngest heir in the family, who is close with his elderly, Holocaust-survivor grandfather. The necklace belonged to his grandfather's wife and is one of the few physical treasures he's kept all these years. While it's a simple accident that it ended up in Elizabeth's hands, Jack Hawk may take this lamb to slaughter over her supposed thievery. Did she steal their necklace...or just his heart?


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The Hawk and the Lamb

Pages: 130
Rent (48hrs) : $4.99

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artist : Yuki Shiomiya original novel : Susan Napier Publisher : Harlequin

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