How to Raise a Leopard [Digital-Only Spin-Off]

author :

Yuzuha Ougi


Rinka's an egotistical and aggressive host at "Leopard". Despite being a 19-year-old high school student, he used his body to make clients do his bidding. He's currently head over heels for Tomoru, a dorky-looking teacher he met at school in a special extracurricular class. When Rinka comes after him with pheromones oozing out of every pore, Tomoru can do nothing but succumb completely... All chapters in this book include love scenes! The continuation of the love story between Rinka and Tomoru from "Leopard White Paper" can be found here as an unannounced digital-exclusive spin-off that is even more hot and heavy than the original! This book will be more enjoyable if you read "Leopard White Paper" and "The Peony Dripping With Love" first. "The Aggressive Host Walks Around Naked" is the story of what happens after page 12 of "Leopard White Paper (3)"; "The Aggressive Host Can't Resist" "The Aggressive Host Drowns in Love" "The Aggressive Host Becomes Jealous" are the stories of what happens after page 17 of "Leopard White Paper -The Peony Dripping with Love- (4)".


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author :

Yuzuha Ougi

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Leopard Shiikusho

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How to Raise a Leopard [Digital-Only Spin-Off]

Pages: 85

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November 24, 2018 (JST)
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