Unspoken Truths

author :

Sae Kimi


Kumiko and Haruki are stepsiblings. It doesn't take long for the warm and positive Haruki to become more than a brother in Kumiko's eyes. Their close proximity and Haruki's friendliness are more than she can handle. Kumiko struggles to admit to herself she's in love, especially since she already knows who Haruki likes. It breaks Kumiko's heart to watch him pine for someone who'll never return his feelings. She's too close to him to tell him how she feels, anyway. One day, Kumiko decides to end this once and for all....


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author :

Sae Kimi

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Japanese :

Kokoro no Kajitsu

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Unspoken Truths

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Pages: 163

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December 23, 2018 (JST)
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