My Dominant and Dulcet Husband

author :

Takumi Izaki


Tsukasa and Tsugumi meet when they both happen to discover an injured dog left on the side of the road. The two come from completely different social circles. Tsukasa is a man of high society whom Tsugumi could never have imagined running into under normal circumstances. He's set to marry a proper lady in order to carry on the family name in good repute, and that means Tsugumi hasn't got a chance with him. She needs to give up her silly fantasy, but next thing she knows, he's brazenly kissing her lips right in front of his potential marriage partners.


Mature_Romance_MangaMillionaires/BillionairesLocalized by Renta100pts-199pts Completed

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author :

Takumi Izaki

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Japanese :

Gouin de Amai Goshujin-sama

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My Dominant and Dulcet Husband (1)

Pages: 29

My Dominant and Dulcet Husband (2)

Pages: 29

My Dominant and Dulcet Husband (3)

Pages: 29

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