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Saila Rating
Really like the lead characters and the dog. The story was nice, really, but I felt like the revel about the history between the leads didn't matter. It was almost as though the author wanted this shared history to have more of an impact, but there wasn't any hint at it other than at the very beginning. That's only a little thing in the grand scheme of the story, though. The ending itself was okay--more of a "meh" ending rather than a "noice" one, if that makes sense. Where things left off with the grandma felt very unresolved, but that makes sense with her views and relationship with the leads. The "unfinished-ess" of it still feels off, but that's just me. It was a good story overall.
toogoodtobetrue Rating
I love stories which have naive girls. The male lead has strong pressence but he's not a jerk, and I love it. There is drama in it, but it does not make you sick of it. Just like human being would solve problems. There are smut scenes. They are good too, but I dont know it feels kinda off for me. Maybe it's just me. But I love this overall. Plus the dog. Hahaha.
sandka10 Rating
Cute and sweet story and the dog was a plus too.
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