On Camera, I'm a Woman

author :

Gisho Akagi


Popular adult film director Kyoichi, who specializes in drag queens, hits the streets to scout fresh meat for his new movie. He comes across Nao, who's in tears after being rejected by a girl. While he's clearly just a regular guy, Nao's pretty features are leagues above the men who usually star in Kyoichi's films. Kyoichi is enthralled and determines to put Nao in his new movie. Hiding his true intentions, he approaches Nao and convinces him to try on women's clothing. Nao finds himself getting excited at the unusual situation and Kyoichi's constant flattery...! An innocent, unsuspecting Nao starts to understand the joy of being loved as a woman...


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author :

Gisho Akagi

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Camera no Mukou de Mesu ni Naru

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