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funbrillo Rating
Even with the backdrop of the AV industry and the director trying to recruit him. It is overall a very sweet, somewhat chaste love story. They get intimate and there are sexy scenes but they do not go all the way until there is mutual love involved and all the deceit has been cleared up. It is a sweet and rather healthy relationship. I enjoyed it very much.
Hotaru2018 Rating
Nice artwork and likeable characters. I really enjoyed this.I eagerly looked forward to each installment. I just wish the story at the end didn't feel so rushed. I would've like to have seen their romance unfold a bit more, but overall it was still an enjoyable read. Nao is such a gorgeous sweetheart!
Yuukichi Rating
Surprisingly had some cute elements in it and some romance. The art was nice and story was interesting. Kind of made it more about once discovery of themselves.
NamiRisa Rating
Very cute ending, and very hot!
BringMeTheSmut Rating
I found the uke to be really beautiful. The art in general was amazing. Hot, interesting story that ends sweetly.
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