Won't You Be Mine? -An Eligible Bachelor's Pet Cinderella-

author :

Yuzuru Ichimi


The prince who appears in front of a working girl is... her superior who's the ultimate bachelor!? In order to send money to her family, the hard-working Yuri Miyoshi works every day. She's in an office by day and accompanying men to dinners by night. One day, as Yuri's being forced into a private room by a drunk customer, she's saved by her handsome and wealthy superior, Nagaharu Zaizen. Nagaharu learns about Yuri's current situation and offers her a new job, which includes living with him...! There's also a mysterious and handsome butler who ends up providing some hot and steamy education for a rich young lady. It's Yuzuru Ichimi's first book of short stories featuring wonderful guys' hidden attractiveness!


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author :

Yuzuru Ichimi

publisher :

Takeshobo co.,ltd.

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Japanese :

Ore no Mono ni Naranai ka Supadari Fukushachou no Iinari Cinderella

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Won't You Be Mine? -An Eligible Bachelor's Pet Cinderella-

Pages: 198

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