User Reviews For: Won't You Be Mine? -An Eligible Bachelor's Pet Cinderella-


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Art is cute and fluffy and the storyline for each one has that fluffy feeling as well. Each story has a different feel to them and I don't have a favorite. Well maybe the short tempered girl and the masochist. That was kinda fun. It's a nice collection of cute and mildly funny stories. Maybe not worth $8 though.
Xilva Rating
I thought it was a full book of the office couple in the cover, turns out it's a compilation of oneshots. But it's good overall, cute romance stories and light smut.
anhbui Rating
Well, I have to say the art is flawless. I was immediately attracted by the art. However, considering the inner stories, I think it's just fair enough for me. Especially the first one, it's a little bit off. I was shocked since it ended too suddenly. The way they turned to be lovers is quite awkward and illogical. The rest are much better. I just hope to see more chemistry of the first couple. Anw, I'm really appreciated your work. Many thankss!!
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