User Reviews For: Won't You Be Mine? -An Eligible Bachelor's Pet Cinderella-


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Art is cute and fluffy and the storyline for each one has that fluffy feeling as well. Each story has a different feel to them and I don't have a favorite. Well maybe the short tempered girl and the masochist. That was kinda fun. It's a nice collection of cute and mildly funny stories. Maybe not worth $8 though.
anhbui Rating
Well, I have to say the art is flawless. I was immediately attracted by the art. However, considering the inner stories, I think it's just fair enough for me. Especially the first one, it's a little bit off. I was shocked since it ended too suddenly. The way they turned to be lovers is quite awkward and illogical. The rest are much better. I just hope to see more chemistry of the first couple. Anw, I'm really appreciated your work. Many thankss!!
Xilva Rating
I thought it was a full book of the office couple in the cover, turns out it's a compilation of oneshots. But it's good overall, cute romance stories and light smut.
vicwalker Rating
I was reluctant about buying it or not, but my curiosity won and OMG I really liked the fake boyfriend, the crossdresser and the masochist stories. There are various oneshots, the others are fine in general, just the first one is rushed. The art is great, and have a good balance of smut and cute moments! But I agree with others reviews, it's a little expensive...
Nuria74 Rating
I loved the histories, they are very well done, the star to finish was very good writing and the pictures are great.
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