Terms of Engagement

Emma needed a change of scenery. Her divorce had been finalized some time ago, but she still had no direction in life, so it was perfect when she unexpectedly inherited a ranch from her uncle in Scotland. But then, just as she was settling in, her ex-husband, a film producer, dropped by to scout for a location to shoot his next film. Not wanting to appear lonely and humiliated, Emma lied and told her ex she was in a relationship with her new neighbor, Frazer. He was a young man who worked his own ranch every day. He was rugged and handsome. Even though they barely knew each other, she pleaded with Frazer to go along with her story and act like her boyfriend. And for some reason he decided to help her with her ruse, but why?


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Terms of Engagement

Pages: 129
Rent (48hrs) : $4.99

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artist : Sami Fujimoto original novel : Kathryn Ross Publisher : Harlequin

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