Elle was starring in a Hollywood movie, but she just kept making mistakes. She wasn't able to concentrate on her acting because she had received threatening notes and felt like her life was in danger. When she returned to her dressing room, she discovered an intruder and froze. When she tried to scream, he instantly stopped her from making any moves. "I'm Falco Orsini. I came to save you." But Elle didn't want to make the situation public and turned his offer down. However, he didn't leave. "Then we'll make everyone believe that you're my girlfriend." With those words, he captured Elle's lips in a forceful kiss!



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original novel :

Sandra Marton

Publisher :


Series :

The Orsini Brothers- 3 -

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Item List Current ch. 1 completed

Falco: the Dark Guardian The Orsini Brothers Ⅲ

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Pages: 129

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