My Boyfriend's Brother Looks So Mean, But Holds Me Gently

Misaki is going to live with her fiance, Yuuto. On her first night there, she makes love in the darkness for the first time like she's always wanted! Although it's her first time, her sensitive parts are licked so gently that she twitches and jerks repeatedly in pleasure... She was so happy that her love, Yuuto, had taken her... or so she thought. It had actually been his younger brother, Haruto! After that, Haruto uses the incident to control her. Regardless of whether they're at school or at home, he demands her like a beast. He kisses her deeply as they become entwined. It feels so good that her body melts from his countless sweet and bitter caresses that touch her inside! She knows it's wrong, but she can't resist him when he holds her so gently...!


My Boyfriend's Brother Looks So Mean, But Holds Me Gently (1)

On the first night of living with her fiance, Misaki's dream comes true and they make love for the first time! She's thrilled it was with her first love, Yuuto... But, it turns his brother, Haruto, was the only one home that night![27pages]
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author : Nanao Hachiya publisher : Bevy Kare no Otouto wa Ijiwaru na Kao shite Yasashiku Watashi wo Daku

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