The Black Prince -Give Me the Beast Waiting inside You-

Despite the fact that Kaede Takakura belongs to a mafia family, she keeps this a secret and spends her days as a busy detective in a small town. Then one day, a young handsome man joins the Takakura family, which is headed by Kaede's grandmother. His name is Shin Odagiri. Even though he's quiet, it's because he's lonely and kind that Kaede eventually falls for him completely. The two of them proceed to have a sweet, hot, and passionate relationship. But, those peaceful days are suddenly taken away when Kaede overhears a conversation between her boss and a mysterious cop at the police headquarters. She learns that someone is an undercover agent within the Takakura family and is spying on them. Who could this agent be...!?

( Current vol 2 )

The Black Prince -Give Me the Beast Waiting inside You- (1)

Kaede is a detective by trade, but mafia by blood. She doesn't want anyone to know about her family, but then she falls for a new underling...[24pages]
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The Black Prince -Give Me the Beast Waiting inside You- (2) NEW

After Kaede learns the truth about Shin, they start spending even more time together in bed. What will become of Kaede, and what is the history of the Takakura crime family?[24pages]
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author : Show Izumi publisher : Iproduction Co. Ltd. Kuro no Prince Anata no Naka no Kedamono wo Kudasai

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