User Reviews For: The Black Prince -Give Me the Beast Waiting inside You-


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octagonist Rating
The storyline is weak, the plot is incoherent and character development is clearly non-existent. The sudden 360 degree change of the male lead loving the female lead at the end is hard to understand without any proper development. The ending is pretty rush without proper closure. It's not worth the money spent for the 7 chapters.
DarthKristinous Rating
This story is awesome! Can't wait for the next one to be released!!
ebookrenta0jo9m2wf8 Rating
so far it has been interesting I don't like that way he treats her, but this is common in TL I'm already used to
Oltrepassassi Rating
Smutty, entertaining... what's not to like?
crazyrichyuki888 Rating
Unique storyline. The artwork is nicely done too.
fortunateAuri Rating
Really steamy and great art and lots of sex... at least once a chapter, so if you want smut you'll find it here
ZebraQueen Rating
It's not the worst. The smut is the only thing I can barely like in it. I'm really confused about the storyline because it just smashed through bringing in random plot points. The main female is so weak and it's hard to conceive how she ended up working in law enforcement. The male lead just randomly out of nowhere changes his anger for everything and falls in love. Definitely not the writer's best work.
Lifeweaver13 Rating
While there are some hot smutty scenes the plot is weak, the characters unbelivable, and the wrap up illogical. Not this author's best.
Slinky Rating
Art style and plot is really good. Ending was a little weak.
Loverboy12 Rating
It was good. I didn't know that I had to pay for every chapter when I signed up but so far the material is good.
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