Beth runs a porcelain and crystal shop with her best friend in a town that still holds vestiges of the Middle Ages. She was cruelly betrayed by a man who was only after her money, and her heart was torn to pieces. So she embarks on a trip to Prague, a city she's always dreamed of visiting, after her best friend suggests it might help heal her heart. And while she's there, she can always purchase some new products for the shop. Handsome Alex calls out to Beth when she's unable to find a translator, but she's leery about trusting him. He must be trying to take advantage of a woman traveling alone. It doesn't help that he's whispering sweet nothings the moment they meet-this man is definitely dangerous!



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Penny Jordan

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Sweet Revenge/Seduction- 3 -

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A Treacherous Seduction Sweet Revenge Seduction III

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Pages: 129

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