The Line Between Love and Play

author :

Rino Shinjou


Kasumi's secretly in love with her coworker, Min?, who's three years younger and works in the same section at the office. He's gentle and kind, and maybe a little passive, but she thinks that's cute. When the two of them end up working late one night, Kasumi can't help but stare, to which Min? responds, "When you look at me like that, I can't help but wonder..." And then he kisses her! In the empty office, they caress and make passionate love... She'd thought he was passive, but is he really a sex fiend!? Will this sweet love turn spicy...?


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author :

Rino Shinjou

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Japanese :

Koi to Asobi no Kyoukai Sen

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The Line Between Love and Play

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June 11, 2019 (JST)
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