Sweet Confinement

author :

Takumi Izaki


Mao's ex-boyfriend, Riichi, suddenly appears out of nowhere. She'd vowed never to see him again, and the shock makes her slip and fall down the stairs. When she awakes, Mao finds herself in Riichi's apartment. Riichi insists that Mao stay with him so he can help her recover from her injury. But, how is Mao going to handle this...?


Mature_Romance_MangaMillionaires/BillionairesLocalized by Renta100pts-199pts Completed

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author :

Takumi Izaki

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Japanese :

Amaku Torawarete

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Sweet Confinement (1)

Pages: 29

Sweet Confinement (2)

Pages: 29

Sweet Confinement (3)

Pages: 29

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