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kpopgurl2118 Rating
I'm interested to see what happens next. I love this author's work. I'm glad they uploaded more from her.
bbbb Rating
I quite love the author's work usually. But this one is bit disappointing. Like always the fmc has no backbone but this one is soooo weak. Other than body and look which anyone can possess, she has no real qualities. She says she loves the guy but does not try to fight for him at all, just accept whatever happen to her. How can she ever contribute and support her partner's life. The mc is successful and rich he can have his pick but still chooses her for questionable logic. It's unreal. The story is flat. Sex scene is nice. Would be better if fmc stops saying no. At least the comic's cheap so oh well.
Soulview Rating
Not one of her best. The story seems quite unresolve and rather rushed.
Titti Rating
I love this mangaka, I've arleady read other manga. If you are looking for something Sweet And Romantic, this is for you! I'm waiting next chapter!
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