Making Sure of Sarah

Sarah was involved in an accident while she was traveling with her parents. Fortunately, she wasn't injured, but she ended up falling asleep in the hospital's waiting room. When she awoke, she was captivated by Dr. Litrik, who had come to check on her. His translucent gray eyes, his calm manner of speaking... Everything about him was wonderful! Not only that, when Sarah had no place to stay, he hired her as a live-in caregiver. Sarah's heart fluttered at Litrik's kindness. But she feared she'd never touch the heart of a man twelve years her senior...


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Making Sure of Sarah

Her heart flutters for a dashing older man, but she knows he's out of her league...[129pages]
Pages: 129
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artist : Kuremi Hazama original novel : Betty Neels Publisher : Harlequin

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