One Night with the Enemy

Determined to revive her family's business in accordance with her late father's will, Maddie returns to her home country and appears at a party full of big players in the wine-making industry. Her intention is to convey her resolve to Nic, who has been persistently urging her to sell the vineyard. Eight years ago, they fell in love, but because of an age-old enmity existing between their families, their parents drove them apart. Then a hair-raising secret concerning the two families came to light, and ever since, Maddie and Nic have lived in an uneasy state of mutual hatred. But their reunion at the gala will force them to face their enduring love...


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One Night with the Enemy

An age-old feud can stifle true love, but not forever...[130pages]
Pages: 130
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artist : Juri Nakao original novel : Abby Green Publisher : Harlequin

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