Agenda: Attraction!

Edney is at a party when a male friend suddenly starts making unwanted advances toward her...until she is saved by a man she doesn't even know. With a sophisticated air about him, he kindly takes her home. Edney is so enchanted by him that she lets him leave without learning his name! The weekend over, Edney starts a new job where she learns that the man's name is Saville Craythorne...and he's Edney's new boss! Completely changed from the Saville she met at the party, this man's gaze is cold as ice...


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Agenda: Attraction!

I can't believe that my knight in shining armor is my cold-hearted boss![129pages]
Pages: 129
Rent (48hrs) : $4.99

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artist : Yutta Narukami original novel : Jessica Steele Publisher : Harlequin

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