Her Surprise Family With These Rings

As long as the two rings remain apart, the Covellis will struggle to find love. This is the curse of the ring that has been passed down for generations. Rafe Covelli inherited his late father's construction company and he worked hard to rebuild it. One day, he received a request for a renovation from a woman named Shelby, who had bought the town's historic manor. Rafe decided to give her a hand even though she couldn't afford to pay him in full. But Shelby didn't trust Rafe's kindness and kept turning down his offer. Will Rafe ever be able to open up the heart of this woman who was abandoned by her parents?


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Her Surprise Family With These Rings

True love is the only way to reverse the curse of the ring.[130pages]
Pages: 130
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artist : Harumo Sanazaki original novel : Patricia Thayer Publisher : Harlequin

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