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Raveled Tightrope Knot [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]

author :

Ship Hita


At his former classmate's wedding reception, Natsuki is reunited with Haruomi, the guy he turned down ten years ago. It's not that Natsuki didn't like him, or had issues with dating guys... He just thought his dirty mind would tarnish Haruomi's innocence, and ran away. So, when Haruomi turns up with a whole new look and behaving provocatively, Natsuki can't hide his bewilderment. He knows he has no right to be jealous, but he can't help being irritated when he finds out his friend Kariya and Haruomi have gotten close behind his back. On top of that, the two take Natsuki to their "secret spot," where Haruomi shows a depraved side of him Natsuki never knew he had... They've pined after each other for ten years. Will this awkward pair finally bring their tantalizing dance to a close? Includes four bonus manga pages for the digital edition only.


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author :

Ship Hita

publisher :

Takeshobo co.,ltd.

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Japanese :

Raveled Tightrope Knot

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Item List Current ch. 1 completed

Raveled Tightrope Knot [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]

Pages: 199

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July 11, 2019 (JST)
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