User Reviews For: Raveled Tightrope Knot [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]


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Not so much awkward but more so remorseful. "Let the heartbreak begin.." Indeed, you definitely feel, see, almost taste their anguish. It quite endearing to see Natsuki and Haruomi struggle together, trying to make up for their mistakes. They both unexpectedly caught my heart. Story was well written and paced. Artwork's amazing, a bit stiff at times, but still amazing.
Reddbone561 Rating
This story was crazy, all they went through just to end up with each other away... I loved it, everything about this story! Maybe another side story but other than that cause I just want more
mahikokatoru Rating
I love it! For a first manga, the mangaka is great! The emotions are captured well and the story is wonderful!! It is a complete story with a satisfactory ending!!
keijipeiji Rating
Oh my, it's actually sweeter than I thought! Both of them put up a front towards each other in the earlier chapters of the story, but they had their own reasons. The tension created between the MCs is amazing, but you can definitely see how natural their interactions are outside the tension parts.It's amazing that a one-volume manga offers a really good flow of story and I was able to catch up with the emotional aspects of it too.
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