No More Mr. Nice Guy

Souta's peeved that he came second in a college pageant, but it has more to do with just who he lost to: everybody's prince, the handsome, diligent, nice-guy Natsuki. In his frustration, Souta's teasing goes just a little too far, and Natsuki snaps. Any regrets are soon forgotten in the face of pleasure, though. Souta ends up underneath Natsuki - inside Natsuki - and neither of them can do anything but chase that sweet release... Except the next morning, Souta discovers that Natsuki took a photo of him in the act. He doesn't want the picture getting around, so agrees to be Natsuki's (temporary) boyfriend... It seems the prince is actually more of a devil!

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No More Mr. Nice Guy (1)

Souta can't deny that he loves girls, but after he teases Natsuki one too many times, he's about to find out that guys can be just as hot![36pages]
Pages: 36
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No More Mr. Nice Guy (2)

Natsuki and Souta are (temporary) lovers, but with Natsuki only using Souta for his wallet, and there being a "no cheating" rule in place, Souta isn't getting much loving! It's looking to be a very long month...[34pages]
Pages: 34
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No More Mr. Nice Guy (3)

As their (temporary) romance continues, something happens that makes Souta start avoiding Natsuki. Souta knows Natsuki will be mad, but is the truth really worse than what Natsuki's imagining...?[32pages]
Pages: 32
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No More Mr. Nice Guy (4)

Souta and Natsuki go on their first date as a (temporary) couple! It's going well, and Souta enjoys seeing Natsuki have fun, but then they start getting hit on...[38pages]
Pages: 38
Rent (48hrs) : $

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No More Mr. Nice Guy (5)

Souta is utterly confused by Natsuki's actions and ends up drinking too much again. Will Natsuki listen to what Souta has to say?[40pages]
Pages: 40
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author : Azutaka publisher : SHU-CREAM POP Iiko no Furi ha mou Yameru

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