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OzawaShuri Rating
Oh gosh, this is amazing, I'm expecting more
Bigsmilezrina Rating
It has a rushed beginning but its so cute as you read on. If you like smut more than story but still has a hint of cute, i think this is perfect. Its just the beginning but at vol 2.. it slows down to focus on their relationship/feelings.
darabee Rating
Decided to read this since there wasn't anything else and I'm glad I did. I found it to be an entertaining read with some fun moments. It's more of a slice of life yaoi imo. Souta seems like a shallow idiot but he's actually kinda likeable with a go with the flow attitude. The art isn't bad either. I didn't feel like it was rushed, as another reviewer stated, cuz let's face it, it's yaoi. Sex usually happens in the 1st chapter. At least this couple isn't declaring love by chapter one. So give this one a chance if you want a light entertaining read.
GregorIAN Rating
Kinda rushed and not really sexy.
naniaquien Rating
I wasn't really sure about this since the beginning it's a bit rushed and typical, but I kept reading and it's surprisingly cute. It's a very nice read if you just want fluff.
angelfeathers Rating
This was so sweet, I was shocked! The two characters have fun personalities and the dialogue throughout is a great mix of cute, emotional, and comedic. The sex scenes were pretty fun too. I really recommend it!
lalelala Rating
I started reading from chapter 1 for free and couldn't stop so it was a surprise that I finished up to chapter 5 in a flash.The story was pretty fluffy and not much angst and drama, and both seme and uke has good chemistry.
dorkup Rating
omg uwu
SKS142325 Rating
Can't wait for the next one! Absolutely love the chemistry xx
Quinloki Rating
The art's great, and the story's pretty good so far too. I read a 1 star review of this and was hesitant, but I'm glad I went for it. Vol 1's a little oddly paced, but hawt dog it gets better.
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