A Royal Baby Surprise

After five years of unrequited pining for Nic, her brother's business partner, Brooke was thrilled he finally felt the same way. They were ecstatic and in love, but then Nic suddenly broke up with her and disappeared. A month later, Brooke notices her body changing and heads to Greece so she can find Nic and tell him the happy news. But Brooke is the only one happy about being reunited after so long. Nic is the prince of Sherdana, and he must find a wife, a woman of higher status than Brooke. Realizing she can never marry him, Brooke suddenly finds herself unable to tell him about the pregnancy...


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A Royal Baby Surprise

She tracked him down to share her news, but how can she tell him the truth now?[129pages]
Pages: 129
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artist : Nanami Akino original novel : Cat Schield Publisher : Harlequin

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