My Little Brother's Got Me by the Balls

author :

Shin Yamagata


College student Ryuta's (Ryu) been troubled by strange dreams of late. When his mom remarried three years ago, he got a new step-brother, Matsuri, and he keeps dreaming about their relationship taking an unthinkable turn! Sure, Matsuri's cute enough to be mistaken for a girl, and at home, he acts so vulnerable Ryu's heart won't sit still. But, it's still not normal to have dreams like that, and they've made Ryu's life a nightmare... Then, one day, Ryu hears some strange sounds from Matsuri's room, and peeks in to find his little brother doing the unspeakable! This is a compilation of sweet and spicy stories from the new manga artist Shin Yamagata!


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author :

Shin Yamagata

publisher :

Junet Co.,LTD

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Japanese :

Otouto ni Asobaretemasu

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My Little Brother's Got Me by the Balls

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